Capture the magic of McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

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All aboard! Grab your cameras and head over to the city of Scottsdale’s McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park to capture what makes the park one of the most unique attractions in the valley. We’re looking for photos with children at the park, shots of our rides and attractions, scenic photos and anything interesting from the park. There is so much to capture at The Railroad Park, so the more creative the better. Two winners will be selected from the photos submitted and each will win a 4 person family membership as well as 2 park t-shirts of your choosing.

What can I win?

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Below is an overview of challenge standings, including recent high ratings by community members, new submissions to the challenge, your top-rated submissions, and how you stack up among the top voters for the challenge.

Recent high ratings

~Arriving at the Stillman Station~ by Maureen Isree 4 stars
~Arriving at the Stillman Station~ by Maureen Isree 4 stars
Pullman service by Ron Forti 4 stars
~Happy Holidays~ by Maureen Isree 4 stars
The Big Tent by Ron Forti 4 stars

New submissions

December Birthday Celebration - Turning 2  by Brea Nicole 5 days ago
Station by Niceli Benevento 7 days ago
Here I come by Niceli Benevento 7 days ago
Crash by Niceli Benevento 7 days ago
The Big Tent by Ron Forti 7 days ago

Top voters

1st Maureen Isree 145
2nd Stephen Sawyer 128
3rd Jones Family 119
4th Marion Gillins 68
5th Niceli Benevento 63
6th Lorraine Harrington 55
7th James Lovett 47
8th Dave Pivin 43