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The Sprang House by John H
John H

The Sprang House by John H in Portraits

Dick Sprang
In their home in Sedona, approx. 1955.
Photo taken by my father before I was born. Camera was a Crown Graphic on 4x5 film.
Through his work, dad got to know Dick, who invited dad and his coworker to visit them in Sedona. Dick was an explorer and co-discovered "Defiance House" ruins, now safely at the bottom of Lake Powell.
Dick's day job was as a "ghost" artist for DC Comics. Dick penned the art boards and Laura did the lettering. He did some work on Superman but was primarily the Batman artist. Check Wikipedia for more.

Correction: Although I originally identified the couple in the picture as Dick and Laura Sprang, while researching azarchivesonline dot org I discovered they were divorced in 1951. The woman in the picture may be his second wife, Dudy Thomas, but dad cannot remember. According to the AZ Archives, it was Sprang, Thomas and Harry Aleson who discovered Defiance House.

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