I love to photograph sunsets but haven't had much opportunity lately. I posted the ones I like best in this group already but I really want to catch some spectacular ones. We are in the Kingman area, so I am looking for suggestions on locations reasonably easy to get to where I might be able to get a good shot. I'm an old fart so I would need easy access. Anyone got any suggestions?

Well, if you come down to the Phoenix area, there are several places that provide you easy access for your car with unobstructed views. One is located here at the McDowell Mountain Trailhead Preserve, located on Thompson Peak Parkway and E. Bell. At the intersection, go one football field length and turn right into the preserve. Once in, follow the path around until the first right. Take that right and follow it back until it ends. There you will find a spot by the trash pick-up and there is a clear section for you to take your pictures at. I use that spot all the time to shoot because I can drive up, get out, and set up in less than 20 seconds, with the radio on!

The other great spot that I just found in located at the Wrigley Mansion. Incredible views! But be expected to have dinner there...great steaks for $30. Very cool place to eat!