A real surprise. I started a "group" on Flickr so folks could/would like to continue sharing photos with each other.

Best to all, Catherine

Thanks Catherine! I appreciate it. Good stuff!! I haven't been on Flickr before but I'll check it out now.

I am sad to hear this as I have been with Capture My Arizona almost from the beginning. i had always enjoyed taking pictures but this site got me hooked and have been an avid hobby photographer ever since. It was about the time I lost my husband and photography kept me interested in life and gave it purpose and pleasure. It was a real pleasure to meet many of you on Community gatherings and still see some of you on FB. Your photography has been an inspiration and everyone was always quick to respond to a question of what and where and how. Thank each and every one for commenting and voting on my photographs. I have loved seeing all of your beautiful photographs, so much talent and knowledge. Thank you Capture My Arizona for providing this site. Janet Schritz

Thanks Tom. Thanks for joining the group.. I've been using Flickr, mostly for online storage, since 2009. Never had any problems. Photos look great, private messaging (email), online storage. Member can download entire collection of their photos at one swoop. One can make photos private or public, control on who can download, copyright restrictions.

Right now I have the group open for any CMA member ( or anyone for that matter ) to join. No limit on uploads.

It would be nice to continue to see other members photos and keep in touch. Spread the word. :)


Even though I've only been on this site for a few years, I'm going to miss it. It sure was fun seeing everybody's photos while improving upon mine. Thank you Capture My Arizona.

Thanks to all who commented and voted for my images. This has been a great site and I have been awed by the talent of the photographers who contribute here.

Let's keep this thing going. See you on flikr!


This site has helped me so much, I've learned so much, enjoyed meeting some of you, and will miss posting my photos.

Sad to see it go. I so much enjoyed this site and really enjoyed looking at all of the great photos posted here. So much talent!

I was surprised by the way PBS terminated CMA. They treated it as a business. CMA is not a business! Well it might be to PBS. Actually, it is fellowship of photographers throughout the State of Arizona. If PBS was a friend of Arizona it would hold a 'going away party' and invite we pic takers to the party. The 15th of June falls on a Friday. We could get together in one of PBS studies, met each other - I've often wondered who at PBS was in charge - let PBS explain the closing, munch on a few tidbit-furnished by PBS and mourn CMA's closing. What say PBS (CMA) are you up to this?

Jack, it appears that all Capture My... have been or in the process of shutting down. I'e always felt the the various Capture My... were connected some way or another.