great idea!

sounds good weekends good for me

I haven't seen any recent photo's highlighting some of the natural beauty found along the "Apache Trail" down to and including lakes and the exciting "Fish Creek" local! Was thinking of inspiring a small group of members to share renting an appropriate vehicle and making it an exceptional photographic day to evening! What do you think? My e-mail address:

I've driven the trail countless times and have photographed it more than a few times. I also own a vehicle that is more than up to the task of navigating the trail. If there is interest, no need to rent a vehicle, I'd be happy to take up to three photographers on a tour of the trail. My email address:

I like to hit the Apache Trail during Storms...The Light is absolutely Amazing. I've Posted a few from the Trail including some from a great Storm last Winter.... Also end of November/Early December is a REALLY good Time... ;-) I'd go this Year, but I'll be somewhere else at that Time.....

The above fun trip has already been completed. Perhaps the near future will bring on another, willing members is all it will take.

good idea Gerry! hopefully the post will be read by more as I did enjoy our Apache Trail day

I'm ready to go. Let me know where to meet and the date.

We did the one Gerry mentioned above but would do another one to some other scenic place.

I'm up for another day trip. We just need a suggestion of where to go.