My dogs are fairly well trained. They sit on command, but when told to stay, they lie down, waiting until I release them. When they aren't lying down they are chasing around. I want more than sleeping dog shots. Any suggestions?

Well, as a mommy to 4 rather rowdy German Shepherds...hmmmm.... I find I have good luck if I hand each one one of their small favorite treats then put some in an empty water bottle and use the crinkle noise from that mixed with holding their treats hostage, usually does pretty good. Also, if you play with them for a while to tire them out then bring out the treats and bottle, they usually perk up enough for shots without knocking over furniture. Also, if you have a willing assistant, a cat toy on a stick really perks up their interest if they stand behind you and wave it in front of you... when I give up trying to get a good shot with them, I go find the cats...they are soooo much easier! Good luck!

Thanks, Alisha. Good suggestions. I think I'll enlist Hubby to help.

TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) and lighting.

Denise, they are very well trained, but do they have play time where someone in the family plays with them? Had this with all my dogs and they will chase balls, play tug of war, fetch other objects. etc. Sometimes I have trouble when play time is over, because they don't want it to end, but everything has its ups and downs. I try to keep them puppies all of their lives. So maybe mine are too active, but I try to reach some balance where they can express themselves so their personality comes out, but behave when needed My problem is the opposite, get them to sit still long enough, but that comes when they are tired..

Thank you, Beth and Howard. Now I just need to figure out my new camera before I try pet photos again.