Has anyone noticed that one individual has at least one POTD a month even though CMA says they prevent this process? Also not having the metadata posted correctly is unacceptable. So many good photographs are being overlooked and the selection process appears to be flawed when one looks at so many of the less than inspired POTDs. I suspect others may be seeing this too but afraid to speak up. This used to be a great site but not so anymore and such a shame.

I agree that you have many valid points. Things have changed at this site

I think the POTD selection has to do with a formula on how many votes and loves any certain picture gets. It is curious to me on how some of these "sub-par" pictures get selected though.

Linda, I agree things have changed on this site and certainly not for the better. I suspect that the ones in charge know little to nothing about websites and how to maintain them.

Cuyler, they do have a formula but I don't think it is working, just like the rest of the site. I've had a photo awarded Photo of the Day not too long ago that really surprised as it had very few comments.

Audrey: I think you're right about the formula. My Chameleon picture won POTD today when it had less comments and votes than a photo I posted a day or two ago. I think I remember someone saying that their formula doesn't base the POTD selection off of the comments, just the votes and loves...who knows!

I definitely agree that the metadata issue should have been resolved a long, long time ago. I miss not seeing that and have a hard time understanding why it hasn't been resolved. I also think it would be interesting to know whether the POTD was the editors pick or the voters.