I have thousands of old slides & negatives from film cameras. Does anybody have recommendations for a good film (slides/negatives) to digital converter. I tried a Wolverine F2D but it was lousy. Poor digital image quality, cumbersome & slow one-at-a-time process, poor viewer, cheap construction. Are there any good ones out there?

Hi James; Unfortunately, the costs involved in a "quality" scanner are often more than one wants to spend. I've recently been acquainted with the Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED (Amazon for about $1900) There are some great color scans on this site ( that were made with that scanner.

Other than spending on fortune on your own, you can always use Costco's. For a price/picture they can usually make a great copy of your slides/negatives.

Good luck on that one.

Michael- Thanks for responding. I'll check out the Nikon scanner but it's pricey. I make prints from digital at Costco and I'm happy with the quality but I've got literally thousands of slides and negatives. FYI, I posted the same inquiry on the Pop Photo forum and got three replies--all recommending the Epson Perfection scanner. I actually have this scanner and it does make good (not great) quality digital images, but the process is slow. I was looking for something faster.