Must photos first be posted to Flickr or some other internet website in order to facilitate uploads to CMA?

Gary, did you post directly to CMA from your personal computer folders? When I try to do this I get an "Error." I have wondered how other photographers upload to CMA.

Patricia, I've always loaded directly from my PC folders. I have never had trouble uploading other than being slow sometimes. If a photo seems to get bogged down once I click on edit, I select my profile and the photo shows there, then I just click on it to put in the title, location, etc.

Thanks, Deborah and Gary. I have solved the problem!

I am unable to submit photos from my CMA cache into the Autumn or Summer challenge. Anybody else having this problem? At the submit menu I clic, a red X shows, I Save and the screen reverts back to the main challenge page but my pictures are not in the challenge.

Oops, I meant that a red X comes up and a red + and I choose the + and then save and the photos do not upload into the contest. Ugh, I don't want to go through personal computer files to find these and at this time I have no PC, just this IPad.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to Upload a Profile Pic...I've clicked on the Profile, I've uploaded an Image to see if there's an Option to use it for my Profile Pic and I can't seem to figure it out...I know, it's probably something simple, and I'm just missing it!