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This is probably a question that everyone has when clicking on the rankings of their pictures...

Why is it that when I click on the ranking of my pictures, it has at #1 a picture that is among the lower voted pictures, yet, my highest ranking pictures are ranked in the #100's, 200's?

The ranking system is all messed up.

Is this a program bug that is being worked on?

Thank you.

How do find your rankings?

Click on Dashboard... then Your Top Photos.... and then you'll see all of your pictures in ranking... I have no idea what criteria they go by because my #1 ranked has a lot less votes than the true number one that actually has the most votes. If you click on the headers of each column you can jumble sort them by most votes, loves, comments, etc...

For instance, my Emu picture with the most votes at 37, is ranked #53 out of all of my 316 pictures posted. By logic it should be my #1 ranked picture if going by votes.

Thom, I have noticed this too. I don't understand the new ranking either. It's a little hard to compare photos posted before the change to those after the change because it used to count "votes" for both digs and nix and now it seems to only count the positive votes. So if your older photos have 50 votes, it may have been 30 digs and 20 nix, but the dashboard didn't tell you that, it just said 50 votes. At least that is how I see it.

In the new system, I still have photos with more positive votes ranked lower. Seems like new pictures move up really quick with just a few votes and likes.

Margi, it is my understanding that when they went to the new system all the nix votes were deleted. So, if on the old system your photo had 50 votes and 20 of those were nixes then the new system would show that photo to have only 30 votes.

From my observations it seems that "recent activity" is a factor in the rankings as well.

Hmmm.. it makes a bit sense now.

I've noticed RECENT posts seem to have higher ranking, even though they don't have as many Votes as older posts. I think David has hit on it. There's a time factor at work.