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I have two photos that I would like to post on my page that were taken with a film camera. When I scan them and try to upload, they appear as a little larger than a thumbnail on the photo page. No matter what I do with the image or canvas size, nothing changes. Any ideas? or please put me out of my misery.

I have checked the number of pixels?

Audrey, I have scanned the photos and the pixel numbers are higher than the 2000 the site recommends.

If you have Photoshop, go to image/resize. Resolution should be 300 pixels, scale stages, constrain proportions and resample image should be checked and under resample image should be bicubic. At least that is what I have done on any photos that I needed to resize.

Thanks Audrey; I'll give that a try.

Nope. no luck. misery.

So sorry, don't know what to tell you.

Success at last!

I have attempted to upload photos straight out of one of my laptop folders. No good even though they all meet the CMA requirements. If I upload them first to my Flickr account, then they're uploadable to CMA. I tried to get help from the CMA folks because it was taking too much time to upload in this roundabout way. I gave up and evidently they gave up too because I stopped hearing from them. So now I make sure the photos are in Flickr first. Anybody else run into this problem?

I don't have a laptop, just a PC so all I can do is tell you what I do. When I click on the upload symbol then add it almost always puts me with the special folder I have for Capture My Arizona photos then I can scroll through the photos and click on the wants I want to upload. When the add doesn't put me with my special folder I have to go on the left side, click on pictures and go from there. Sometimes during the actual uploading process one of the photos will get an error but no explanation as to why so I keep adding it until it's accepted. Don't know if this helps you or not.