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I just get the "error" message after I sit and wait. One of the tech guys answered me right away and he couldn't find anything in the image that would cause the error. I then tried again as he suggested and it still didn't work. This went on for several tries, messages to tech assistance etc. and I finally just gave up and so now I just go through Flickr first. More time-consuming! Thanks for you comment anyway, Audrey.

That's a shame. I have never understood why there is never an explanation to the error message when uploading. Maybe they need better tech support.

Patricia: I had the same issue happen, only to find that if I shut off the "safe Browsing" tool in the Mac Keeper utility I had installed, then the photos would upload ok. If you have changed any settings in your computer lately it may be the reason for the error.

That's interesting, Alex. I just looked at my Mac Keeper preferences and didn't see a "safe Browsing" tool. Can you tell me how to shut it off?

Patricia: Click on the Mac Keeper icon at the very top right side of your Display, you should get a drop down that has a choice of "System scan, Custom scan, Real-Time Preotection, Safe Browsing, Open Mackeeper". If there is a check mark next to Safe Browsing, then it's in the "on" mode, click it and it should shut off. I'm using an iMac but your Macbook display should be the same as far as the top banner where the apple icon is. Hope this does the trick... Fid.

Alex: I just uploaded four images following your advice. I never would have gone there to find a fix! Who woulda thunk it! Thanks so much for your help!

Oh, that makes my day Patricia!!!