Hi Joel, The only thing I think of is that a person can replace a photo with a similar one, by clicking on the Act button above the picture, and everything else remains the same as it was. I didn't think the upload date would change, but maybe it does. I did that with one of mine after I learned how to clone. I've never experienced what you're speaking of, though.

Sometimes I think people will delete a photo then re-submit it, of course, all the comments are lost. Also, I think, if you vote on a photo without leaving a comment that eventually you will see that same photo again. Perhaps the editors or whoever feell all photos should have comments and they are giving you another chance.

Thank you Janet and Audrey for your help with my question.It makes a lot more sense now. :)

Joel, many of times I comment and love a photo and totally forgot to vote for it, thinking I absolutely voted for it. It can be, after a comment or love you might have forgotten to vote, that happens often to me for instance and I was sure I voted. If you SHOULD VOTE and HIT THE BACK button on your browser, the photo will come up again to be voted on, but even if you vote again, it only records one vote. I also know if someone wishes to reload a better photo of same subject or maybe crop or edit it and reload it, you might get a 'DIG IT" button again. Comments are not deleted, unless you delete the photo. If you go to ACT and reload similar photo, all stays. Photos are not recycled for voting again. I always email PBS capture my Arizona when I have a question and they are pretty good in getting back to you in a few hours.

I wholeheartedly agree that there should be a 'skip' option. I only vote for photos I really like the quality of or it touches me for some other reason. I usually use LOVE for those that particularly appeal to me and/or I'd like to see as POTD. Since nix votes don't get reported to the contributor as such I don't use them even if I really don't like a photo. If someone doesn't like what I post I'd like to know and why, so if NIX is used, voters should provide a reason and/or constructive criticism. So I 'vote' for only "Dig It" or "Skip It". Delete the "Nix It" vote unless it gets reported to the contributor and is NOT used as part of the voting points to get a badge for number of votes a photo receives.

I'm really happy to see someone else in favor of recognizing Portait oriented photos for POTD even if they can't be used in the calendar. THANKS!! There are hundreds of extraordinary photos that are as good as or better than all of the POTD choices so far.

Joel, I understand your stance on always being 'positive' about entries, even those we don't understand. However, when a photo is so badly out of focus, or so over- or under-exposed that it is almost unrecognizable, I don't see the point of posting it. I think contributors should be thoughtful of what they post on this site. They can post the others elsewhere, like their Facebook page, for friends and family to enjoy.

Joel, I didn't see this in time for the Wide Angle Challenge, but in the posting rules they explained how to determine if your photo had the correct focal length/width to apply.