Has anyone noticed that camera settings do not show with the photo anymore? or is it just on my computer?

Hey Tom! I've noticed the same thing, even going back a few days too.

Thanks for replying Joe, I thought I might have something wrong in my settings, at least we know it's not us! thanks again!

I've noticed it also, don't know if it's the website or perhaps peoples cameras

I've wondered that as well Audrey, but they don't show on my photos and I have not changed any settings on my Camera (knowingly)

Tom, it could be some kind of clitch in the website. If you click on Help then click on Contact Us you can send an email about the problem. It would be interesting to hear what the site people have to say.

Thanks Audrey

To all CMA say's they are having an issue with their upload software, no timeline on getting it resolved but hope it will be soon, Thanks for the idea Audrey!

Thanks for the update Tom.

I would be interested in the number of members that have switched to this micro 4:3 as in the format Olympus and Panasonic cameras and their level of satisfaction. Would Appreciate comments. I am in the market for new camera system.