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What is a collection?

A collection is any grouping of photos that you can browse in next/previous fashion. Types of collections include: category photos, a user's photos, photos submitted to a group or photos submitted on a particular date.

To learn more about browsing photos, visit the photo browsing FAQ page.

To learn more about voting for photos, visit the voting FAQ page.

How do I know what collection I'm currently browsing?

On a photo's page, in the right column underneath the photo's basic info, you'll find a "Collections" section. The photo you're currently viewing is highlighted and photos to the left/right (previous/next) are shown. In this section you can see which collection you're browsing or quickly change collections and browse elsewhere.

How do I change the collection I'm viewing?

Changing the collection of photos you're viewing is quick and easy. First, look in the "Collections" are underneath a photo. The collection you're currently viewing is open. Other collections the photo belongs to will be visible there. Click one to open it, then click on a thumb to jump into that collection.

For example, if you're viewing a photo in the landscapes category, the landscapes category collection will be open, showing thumbnails on either side of the photo you're viewing. Then, if you wanted to quickly switch to the photographer's collection of photos, you'd simply click the photographer's name in the "Collections" list to show their photos, then click on one of the thumbnails to start browsing within that collection.

Another great thing about collections is that they automatically change depending on how you get to a photo. For example, if you visit the landscapes category and click on a photo, the collection you're in will automatically be landscape photos.

How do collections impact auto flow?

When auto flow is on, navigating left/right is off. Instead, voting for or skipping a photo will trigger automatic navigation to a random photo in whatever collection you're in. So, as you turn auto flow on, be mindful of which collection you are currently in.

To learn more about auto flow, visit the voting FAQ page.