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Can anyone steal photos?

Ha! If you think you should steal, perhaps you ought to leave. Using someone else's photo for anything is not okay. Photography is an art, and it takes a lot of work. If you want to use a photo for something, pay a photographer. Don't loot photos here! We actually built in a ways to thwart most folks who will try to steal images so photographers ought to feel safe. Also, your high-res image is never made publically accessible, so you can be sure it is 100% safe and sound.

Can anyone download photos?

No! Your high-res, original photo is stored in our secure server cluster and it simply impossible for anyone (other than you) to gain access to the original file. You have the ability to download your own original photo file by clicking the More button on your photo's page, and then clicking on "download", but that link doesn't exist for anyone other than you on your photo.

What's the difference between popular, upcoming and recent photos?

In thumbnail lists in various spots, you'll see three different views: popular, upcoming and recent.

  • Recent is simply ordered by when photos were uploaded, newest first.

  • Popular is the highest-scoring photos, all time, and should be a bunch of great shots. The popular list is a great way to see the best of Arizona right away! Find out what makes a photo popular if you're curious.

  • Upcoming is a mix of recent and popular. It's the most popular photos submitted in the past few days.

Why can't I see some photos? Some have a red x.

Our images are stored on mirrored servers all over the United States. It is feasible (although rare), that some images are on servers which your internet service provider does not have access to. We have no control over this. The next step would be to look into clearing your DNS cache locally, or perhaps contacting your ISP to see if they are having issues with certain subnets of servers on the world wide web. As far as we're concerned, the images are behaving normally. They can be seen in expected places and in expected ways to all users, with the exception of you, which is quite unfortunate. We wish we could do more to help, but we can't. Sorry!