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Get your cameras ready, it's time to really focus in on the Capture My Arizona 2014 Wall Calendar! As many of you know, the Capture My Arizona 2013 Wall Calendar was a huge success. We're excited to announce the official opening of the 2014 edition, starting today! There are a few key things to know about the 2014 calendar...

First, all it takes to be sure your photos are eligible for publication in the calendar is opting into the 2014 Calendar Terms. Go to your settings page (you must be logged in), then make sure the box that says, "I'd like my photos to be included for potential publication in the Capture My Arizona 2014 Calendar" is checked. If you had previously checked the "KAET" usage agreement, you are automatically opted into the 2014 Calendar agreement and you don't need to do anything more.

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, let's get down to the fun. You might be thinking, "there's only a month to shape the 2014 calendar?" but really, that's not exactly true. All photos on the Capture My Arizona site, so long as they are opted into the 2014 calendar terms, are eligible for publication in the 2014 calendar. And, all votes that have been cast since the site launched count toward the 2014 calendar. In other words, it's not that there is only a month to submit photos, it's really just this final month can be used to upload any last-minute new photos you want to be eligible for the new calendar!

All in all, there are already 40,000 photos eligible for the calendar and almost a million votes for those photos. Keep in mind our scoring algorithm has a time component, which means photos uploaded over the next month are on equal footing with photos submitted a year ago! With that in mind, let's see your best photos over the home stretch! We are so excited to see what new photos you might have saved up for this occasion.

Here are a few important links:

Now, take advantage of this final month in the 2014 calendar contest and upload your best shots and vote like there's no tomorrow!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published over 5 years ago in Capture My Arizona News