Colors a blaze

I wanted to capture a shot of a fire with a bit of a twist so...I decided to throw in some different elements,wires and presto colors a blaze.

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Christina Tarpley Christina Tarpley

Uploaded 4:34 AM on April 20, 2019
Posted in Abstract
Peoria, AZ
Map of Peoria, AZ


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Colors a blaze by Christina Tarpley Camera shy by Christina Tarpley Artist at work.. by Christina Tarpley Watercolored Sunset by Christina Tarpley Arizona Mountains silhouette sunset by Christina Tarpley
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Nature's Palette, Havaspai Canyon by Marcus W. Reinkensmeyer Horseshoe Dam Spillway by Alex Skoz Colors a blaze by Christina Tarpley Frosted by Andy Skalski Superior Stairs V2 by Bob Miller

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