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About Me

I moved to Arizona from Illinois in 1980, and currently reside in my favorite city, Tempe. Despite my address, I feel truly at home when I am “roughing it” in Arizona’s back-country wilderness, and that is the environment where I find most of my inspiration. The inspiration comes from executing and producing an uncommon iconic image, coupled with the mental and physical efforts required to do so, and the inherent life lessons I always learn about myself in the process. I am also inspired by those famous people who have come before me in this life and played a part in the shaping of the canvas from which I create; a short list of such people include Ansel Adams, John Muir, and Theodore Roosevelt. While I love to photograph anything nature-related, my current favorite places to photograph are Northern Arizona’s Vermilion Cliffs and Paria Canyon Wilderness for the sandstone formations found there, as well as exploring and photographing the scores of ancient cliff-ruins found throughout the Sierra Ancha Wilderness area, where I recently purchased nearby land and now spend most of my free time there.

As a child, I was given my first camera in 1977, which I never learned beyond the basic functions about how to do anything creative with it, so I always felt lucky to get a few decent shots out of a roll of 36 exposures. As an adult and having spent much of my career as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst in the left-brained IT industry, I found I craved some sort of right-brained outlet to express myself. However, I quickly realized that I could not dance, sing, sketch, draw, paint, sculpt, play an instrument, or even work wood -- and my creative writing was questionable. In 2007, I finally realized I always had a natural gift for composing quality images, so I decided to pursue nature photography in earnest, and do what was needed to consistently produce quality and provoking imagery of landscapes and wildlife. Since then, my photography has evolved into more than just a renewal activity to exercise my right brain. It is a transformational window into the experience of my soul, as I express from my mind’s eye the moments of beauty that constantly surround us, but often go unnoticed in such a fast-paced world. When I am in those moments, I become more related to the world around me, and thus my experience of life and my place in it is enriched. Photography has become the perfect art medium for me, as it satisfies my creative side, while simultaneously honoring the process-driven side that I was a slave to. It is the inspiring medium that allows me to continue to learn about myself, gives me access to power, and allows me to share my soul with the world. This sentiment is best expressed by a quotation I wrote shortly after my first photography adventure through the slot canyons found near Page, Arizona:

"Often to me, the natural beauty of a place, a vision, a mind, a word, a genuine laugh, a solemn glance, a grain of sand or even the scent of pine -- and especially a lovely woman or sometimes nothing at all -- can remind me of love and hate; dreams and remorse; creativity and blindness. In these vulnerable moments it rips at my soul and steals another infinite part of my heart, tethering my spirit to it, to wander till my return like a lingering ghost meant to never let me forget -- and I realize I have a story to tell." ~ John Bruce Morey II

In my artistry, I currently cater to home and business clients wishing to display fine art natural imagery in their every day environments. My imagery is hand-delivered locally in large sizes up to 36x45 inch diameter, or can be cheaply drop-shipped anywhere in the world. I print on multiple mediums, from photographic or fine-art papers, to canvas and brushed aluminum, with dozens of other products in-between