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About Me

My interest in photography started about 12 years ago when i backpacked europe and purchased a fugifilm -Finepix camera. What did i know about camera's? Nothing! I must admit that little camera took thousands and thousands of pretty good pictures over the years i had it. I have changed cameras a few times since but still shoot with a basic nikon d5000. I have a kind of unique approach to photography. I have never taken a class, course, or had any instruction at all and prefer it that way. I take pictures that way i feel they should be taken, not the way i was taught by somebody else. I actually know very little about exposure, Aperture or any of the other terms commonly used in the industry. I purposely stay uninformed so that i can experiment, fail and learn my way. I also am a kind of purist in the sense that i dont edit any of my pictures. I only crop a photo. thats it! I feel its kind of cheating if you load up a photo with a bunch of computer magic! I dont hold it against anyone else if they do, its just my preference not to. I have two loves in my life, custom motorcycles and photography and enjoy them both equally. I was just told about this site yesterday(7-11-12) by a very good friend and am already impressed with it. There are some amazing images here as well a great resource for locations to photograph. I would hope to meet other photographers here that are passionate as i am about the art of photography and maybe even get a small group together at some point and hike and shoot together! Who knows! thanks for looking and hope you enjoy a image or two that i have posted.