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About Me

I have always liked photograhpy and remember investing about $400 for one of the first Kodak DC 280 digital cameras with 2MB resolution released in 1999. LOL!

But when my husband bought me my first DSLR (Nikon D5000) for Christmas in 2010, my passion for photography kicked into overdrive. I stated to purchase mutliple lenses, flashes, tripod, etc. I so agree with the saying, "Welcome to Photography, You Are Now Broke"! LOL...easy to spend lots of $$$$

I stayed on the automatic setting for quite sometime then I attended Nikon School in Phoenix over a weekend a couple of years ago (2011) . It was very informative and opened up my creative side. I stated to venture into the aperature setting, which is my favorite, by the way.

I recently attended a class to learn how to use the manual setting and I was quite suprised to find out how easy it is to use. LOL!

I continue to attend photo classes to add to my skill set and a macro class is next on the list. I purchased a set of Kenko extension tubes recently and will venture into getting really close up photos.

My husband is so supportive of my passion and encouraged me to upgrade to a new camera body in mid-June 2013 (Nikon D7100). Perhaps because my husband wants to learn more about photography and he will use my D5000. I will encourage him to join this website and share his work.

Thanks to all for the supportive comments on my photos as I continue to expand my knowledge. I am in awe of the great photography I see on CMA.