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About Me

Como lo veo.
George Thomson Photographer

My eye is impressed with grandeur, minutia and the everyday. The immense landscape, the up-close, zoomed-in piece of the whole and the person on the street awaken my view.

I strive for simplicity. In-camera exposure and composition is the philosophy of my art. I never PhotoShop my photos but occasionally crop or change the contrast, as I did in my younger days as a black and white darkroom photographer.

My artistic goal is accessibility and easy viewing.

I approach artistic openness through everyday subject matter and making my photos easy to obtain through reasonable pricing.

While I often shoot nature and everyday objects as subjects, I am most satisfied with challenge of street photography. To photograph people in their own environment, on the street in real-time is most interesting to me.

Thank you for sharing the world as I see it.
Gracias por compartir el mundo como yo lo veo.